Saturday, 11 February 2017

Arsene Wenger Sacked!!!!!! it will take more than a 2-0 win over Hull

Arsene Wenger didn't get defiant roar from Arsenal fans 
Jamie Redknapp believes Arsenal have gone stale and need a change at managerial level to reinvigorate the club. Under-fire boss Arsene Wenger has come under increasing pressure. Wenger needed his team to show some personality and put on a show. A rip-up-the-banners performance, to paraphrase Neville. Or switch-off-the-cameraphones, you might say. At times, the atmosphere became peculiarly flat, almost unsettlingly so. Hull sensed opportunity, committing numbers to attacking counter-attacks. Marco Silva's team were unfortunate not to take something from this game. 

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